Adverse Media

Keep informed of the potential risks your customer poses to you

Strengthen your due diligence workflow with rich adverse media insights, while reducing time spent contending with fake news and unverified news sources, to gain a more accurate profile of your adverse media risk.


What this means for you

Automated, current and consolidated

In this fast-paced media landscape, a process reliant on user-initiated searches can’t compete with automated approaches that notify institutions when there is something of interest.

By using next-generation technology to tailor searches on your client profiles with ease, where these are in line with regulatory requirements, adverse media can be harnessed to gain deeper insight into your customers. We compile disparate data into consolidated, structured profiles, with clear traceable source data. Have the context to make the right risk decisions with a single comprehensive profile, enhanced with the most up-to-date adverse media and AML / CTF information. After all, it is essential to gather all details about a new or existing customer, including any negative information, in order to ensure a risk-based approach going forward with the relationship.

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Intelligent contextual monitoring and matching

Technology has enabled us to access a staggering volume, variety and velocity of news and information from around the world.

We leverage machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) based innovations to transform the negative news screening function, with automated advanced matching, monitoring and adjudication of search results. Intelligent matching solutions can strengthen adverse media screening, as contextual matching capability ensures that only news articles where the intended customer is mentioned in a negative light generate alerts. Risk events and indicators for search queries include adverse news in categories like legal, criminal, financial, regulatory, reputational, environmental, social and other breaches.