Leverage state-of-the-art AI to reduce the burden of compliance and improve risk management

Harness the power of machine learning to dramatically reduce false positives and the cost of compliance, while proactively managing risk and taking your business to new heights.

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Whether you’re a neobank pushing the envelope of digital experiences or a traditional financial institution bogged down by legacy platforms, the detection of fraud and money laundering is a permanent drain on your resources. As financial crimes continue to climb worldwide, the need for defensive solutions is increasingly relevant.

Error-prone and time-consuming manual operations, swelling AML departmental headcount and penalties imposed by the regulator add pressure on all fronts. Couple this with the barrage of false positives flagged during such processes as watchlist screening and transaction monitoring and the situation screams for a smart solution. Sophisticated AML technology is becoming a lifeline for banking institutions globally. It offers a means to minimise the time and money wasted on false positives, while honing in on the real risk areas. Intelligent matching solutions and automated real-time transaction and customer screening have indeed ushered in a new era for financial enterprises.

Tailor your own AI-powered KYC and AML / CTF compliance suite. Integrate our cutting-edge and configurable API platform for swift and efficient customer onboarding, fast and reliable transaction screening, and automated watchlist and adverse media monitoring.

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Adverse Media

Accurate and up-to-date adverse media, keeping you informed of the potential risks your customers pose to you.

Configurable Client Risk Assessment and Enhanced Due Diligence

Accurately determine risk with an in-depth configurable risk-adjusted due diligence on all your customers.

Transaction and Behavioural Monitoring

Next-generation transaction and behavioural monitoring, providing you with insight into your customers and their behaviour.