Tailored identification of sanctioned and embargoed transactions

Secure your credibility and financial future through the automated flagging of suspicious transactions and behaviour in real-time.

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A relatively new player on the financial block, your cryptocurrency exchange, or similar platform that handles digital assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has been privileged with a unique degree of freedom and flexibility. Legacy establishments and rules have not necessarily applied to your business. Yet, with anonymity and cross-country exchange comes an augmented likelihood of fraud and money laundering.

As cryptocurrencies are increasingly incorporated into the global financial ecosystem, so the growing need for vigilant AML regulation and scrutiny has arisen. Identity verification, due diligence and ongoing screening of payments and watchlists, such as sanctions and PEP lists, is vital to defend your exchange in a high risk transactional model. Our cloud-based API solution employs world-class machine Learning to guarantee your KYC and AML / CTF compliance.

Keep reputational and financial costs low, as you turn to an AI-driven solution with an API interface that can handle the AML complexities of a modern-day monetary system. Automated, configurable and scalable, it’s a risk-adjusted decision for the future of your exchange.



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