Customer Due Diligence and EDD

Identify and monitor higher risk profiles

Our enhanced due diligence and ongoing monitoring ensures compliance and mitigates the risk of financial crime from higher risk parties.


What this means for you

Aggregated consumer, business and risk data

Our enhanced due diligence capabilities aggregate consumer, business and risk data into a single portal, helping organisations to investigate higher risk individuals, remediate alerts quickly and confidently clear false positives. Be alert to changes in customer risk status with automated adverse information and media monitoring.

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Reduce workload and increase efficiency

Our CDD / EDD solution, with its advanced features, reduces the workload of your due diligence teams, by enabling them to more efficiently risk assess new and existing customers in line with domestic and international regulations. Accountable institutions can customise CRA rules and calculations, as applicable to the countries within which they operate.

Dynamic risk assessments, reduced risk

Our solution enables you to consolidate your customer information from disparate systems during verification and gain a dynamic risk assessment for greater resource allocation and faster onboarding decisions.

Our CRA and EDD solution ensures that you can conduct further research into those individuals who have political exposure and influence. This allows you to identify and understand relationships between individuals, companies, governments and other entities; to flag and review stakeholders in businesses and trigger beneficial owner thresholds; and to establish and assess any risk associated with a client, including political exposure and negative media.

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