Swifter due diligence and smarter fraud detection

Automatically pinpoint suspicious customer conduct, from sign ups to claims, so as to manage and mitigate risk.

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Insurance is all about the science of risk mapping. As an insurer, you are aware of this delicate balance, from customer risk profiles to the financial damage you incur through fraudulent claims. Globally, fraud is on the rise, where insurance claims are no exception.

While there is pressure to protect yourself against corporate fraud, you are also a champion for great customer experience. Onboarding new customers needs to be quick, simple and satisfactory. Identity verification, client risk assessment and enhanced due diligence is a process which is highly automatable with our AI-driven KYC compliance solution. AML tools are easily embeddable into your systems, where transaction monitoring and identifying suspicious behaviour transpires in real-time, allowing faster investigation from your team.

Insurance can be complicated, but partnering with a cloud-based AML intelligence suite lays the foundation for smoother, more cost-effective day-to-day business. As regulation tightens and changes and fraud techniques evolve, your stability and peace of mind is key for reputational constancy.

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Digital Onboarding

Automate identity verification with liveness checks and government verification, while helping you quickly onboard more customers, prevent online fraud and simplify KYC / AML compliance.

Configurable Client Risk Assessment and Enhanced Due Diligence

Accurately determine risk with an in-depth configurable risk-adjusted due diligence on all your customers.

Watchlist Screening

Intelligent watchlist screening provides accurate and reliable detection of potentially sanctioned and politically exposed customers.