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Non-bank financial institutions encompass a diverse range of business entities, from lending institutions, hedge funds, venture capitalists and real estate firms to auction houses, motor dealerships and pawn brokers. While business-as-usual differs across each sector, the prevention of fraud and money laundering is a shared concern.

As a lender, your customer due diligence process and real-time monitoring of your loans is of the utmost importance, from both a financial and reputational perspective. As a prominent auction house, the threat of money laundering may place undue stress on your business. As a venture capitalist or hedge fund manager, intelligent rule-based payment screening and transaction monitoring may be an area you recognise as lacking in your enterprise.

Regardless of your unique complexities, our algorithm-driven AML suite offers the flexibility you need to handle your financial crime risk and meet compliance regulation. Maximise your watchlist screening efficiency, consolidate associated alerts and minimise false positives with a reliable and complete AI solution.

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