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Intelligent financial crime matching without all the noise

Utilise advanced algorithms to safeguard your platform from sanctioned and fraudulent transactions, while minimising false positives.

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As a payment provider, you know that your customers have other options within your fiercely competitive market. Onboarding and transacting needs to be swift and smooth to keep your customer acquisition numbers climbing and your existing customers repeating business. While onboarding customers and merchants is a priority, screening transactions and user behaviour is another area demanding your attention.

False positives cost money. Ensuring regulatory compliance is one thing, but the risk of fraud and money laundering is a very real threat, especially as you become a major player. Machine learning has stepped into the gap, paving the way for customised and scalable AML solutions. Using natural language processing (NLP), our user-friendly interface inspects transactions against predefined data sets, where screening is quick, accurate, immediate and cost-effective. Smart solutions extend to the area of KYC and due diligence, leaving the customer onboarding process unimpeded.

In today’s increasingly competitive climate, payment providers can’t afford to get left behind when it comes to AI-driven advances for enhancing compliance. Employing an end-to-end AML suite is a step in the right direction, one which will free up resources further down the line.

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Recommended solutions

Digital Onboarding

Automate identity verification with liveness checks and government verification, while helping you quickly onboard more customers, prevent online fraud and simplify KYC / AML compliance.

Configurable Client Risk Assessment and Enhanced Due Diligence

Accurately determine risk with an in-depth configurable risk-adjusted due diligence on all your customers.

Customer, Business and Employee Screening 

Intelligent watchlist screening provides accurate and reliable detection of potentially sanctioned and politically exposed customers.