Our Platform

Streamline and automate your AML compliance with our end-to-end platform.

Our customisable, scalable, flexible and intuitive platform allows you to focus on what matters most – identifying and tackling real risks. Enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective, modern technology stack without being reliant on outdated legacy platforms.


User friendly low-code / no-code solution that can be integrated directly into your existing CRM or onboarding solution

An API-first platform, with all functionality accessible via the UI available through API, allowing highly configurable processes

Designed to work with your existing business processes, ensuring that you are ready to streamline your compliance process from day one

Digital onboarding components designed to incorporate your existing APIs and third party components into the workflow

End-to-end AML compliance capability

Powerful AML screening and monitoring using our cutting-edge AI-driven approach that combines risk data, case management and our smart matching technology, ensuring high quality matches without the noise.

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Flexible, scalable and quick to deploy

Our AML compliance products are able to integrate into your business systems seamlessly and quickly, whether you’re a large financial services institution or a nimble fintech.

Automated and easy to use

Our no-code configurable assessments, workflows and case management allow you to customise our products to suit your business needs. Watchlist updates are automatically rescreened using a nightly batch-based process, while due diligence revisions are periodically applied.

Our AI-driven compliance suite is designed to be explainable, which helps you understand and interpret how our machine learning models arrive at their decisions, ensuring that your risk is effectively managed and nothing falls through the cracks.

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No-code configurable assessments

API, CLI and integration