Scaling Fintech Startups

Digital onboarding that meets regulation and enhances customer experience

Integrate next-generation KYC and AML / CTF compliance solutions to enhance the speed and ease of customer acquisition.

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As a scaling startup, while financial crime prevention is certainly a priority, you would far rather allocate your oftentimes scarce capital to securing new customers. With growth, however, comes the need to fulfill compliance regulations, not to mention the financial and reputational damage should early-stage fraud and money laundering take place.

Your tech stack is modern. Your onboarding process needs to remain unimpeded by lengthy and mismanaged KYC protocol. Your preference is the seamless API-based integration of an AI-powered cloud-based solution. A dedicated AML department is a far cry from the reality of your situation: a small team with limited capacity or expert knowledge in the area being assigned the side task of flagging fraud and money laundering.

Integrate the features of a smart, fast and affordable end-to-end AML platform into your product with our expert solution and guidance. This way, you guarantee your compliance and mitigate a large degree of your early business risk.



Recommended solutions

Customer, Business and Employee Screening 

Intelligent watchlist screening provides accurate and reliable detection of potentially sanctioned and politically exposed customers.

Adverse Media

Accurate and up-to-date adverse media, keeping you informed of the potential risks your customers pose to you.

Digital Onboarding

Automate identity verification with liveness checks and government verification, while helping you quickly onboard more customers, prevent online fraud and simplify KYC / AML compliance.