Transaction Monitoring

Get insight into your customers and their behaviour with intelligent transaction monitoring

Stay ahead with our transaction monitoring solution, which allows you to manage the detection, investigation and monitoring of suspicious transactions.


Discover AI in action: solving the fincrime surge with transaction monitoring.

What this means for you

Flexible rule-based monitoring combined with the power of machine learning

Our approach to transaction monitoring includes utilising a combination of rule-based monitoring, supervised learning and unsupervised learning. This gives you the ability to include traditional rules that create an event based on a predefined scenario, while simultaneously leveraging machine learning.

The supervised machine learning models are trained off either existing or simulated data, while unsupervised machine learning allows for automated hyper segmentation, anomaly detection and cluster analysis.

Utilising a comprehensive rule set that monitors your transaction data based on suspicious activity patterns means that you can identify high risk transactions as they occur.

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Gain a holistic view of your customer's behaviour

Only by gaining a holistic view of customer behaviour, can you make faster, more informed decisions. Explore related transaction data and gain clearer insight into the risk patterns of all parties involved.

By consolidating associated alerts, you can reduce the volume of alerts your team has to review and leverage historical activity to spot patterns before they turn into risk.

Scalability and Agility

Analyse billions of transactions, through complex rules sets in minutes. RelyComply’s transaction monitoring is powered by a modern elastic data processing backend, that will scale to your needs. Rapid processing times allow your TM teams the time they need to properly investigate alerts to meet their regulatory requirements.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, adaptability is key. Our solution isn’t just about compliance; it’s about the ability to scale and change seamlessly alongside your growth.Our platform is designed to be as dynamic as your business, ensuring it scales effortlessly with your increasing volumes and adapts to the evolving complexities of the regulatory landscape. It’s not just a tool; it’s a partner in your journey, ensuring you navigate the twists and turns of compliance with ease.

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