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We’re a diverse team of passionate and purposeful people driven to continuously develop technology for smart and powerful financial crime prevention.

Careers RelyComply
Careers RelyComply

What we do

(in plain English)

Ensure that our customers' products and services aren’t being used by terrorists, sanctioned individuals, corrupt politicians and money-laundering mobsters.

We’re a  scaling startup with a small, experienced team. As we continue to expand our customer base, which already includes very large financial institutions, we’re constantly presented with new technical and organisational obstacles and opportunities. 

We have a casual yet structured workplace that encourages self-motivation and allows us to move quickly. People who are up for a challenge will thrive here, as we offer individuals the chance to learn and develop in a variety of directions. 

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Open communication means every team member understands our objectives, constraints and commercial realities, allowing for holistic decision-making when it comes to judgement calls in your role. We give our team freedom to work according to their own schedules, while still expecting solid and clear communication. 

We appreciate that team members have lives outside of work and that we all have personal goals which need attention. Provided that company objectives are met, we encourage the pursuit of other passions. This could take the form of flexitime to enjoy quality time with the kids, time off work to take up studying again, or a work-travel arrangement (time zone coordination and great internet as part of the itinerary).

We offer a flexible environment with plenty in the way of intellectual challenge. We also pride ourselves on the support we offer one another as a team.

Careers at RelyComply
Careers at RelyComply

Interview process

We try to make our interview process as streamlined as possible, while providing all the information we need to establish whether we’re a good fit for each other. We discuss all the required tasks of the role in general terms, so that you can gain an overview of the reality of the job. Ideally, we aim for our interview process to be complete within 2 weeks.

What we offer

We’re looking for exceptional people and exceptional people deserve to be treated well. Some of our benefits, regardless of the role, include: