Modern technology for smart, fast and affordable financial crime prevention.

Spend a little time in large financial institutions or scaling fintechs, and it soon becomes apparent that implementing a risk management and compliance programme is no small feat. Existing solutions are often outdated, with little automation and utilisation of modern AI tools.

Financial services companies lacking seamless digital onboarding are suffering considerable declines in new business. In addition, there is a universal rise in fraud and money laundering, resulting in financial losses, reputational damage and increased compliance workloads. To tackle this, these companies need an end-to-end solution for KYC (know your customer), AML (anti-money laundering) and CTF (combating the financing of terrorism) that is API driven for easy integration into their digital onboarding processes. We recognised this need, where our aim is to take financial services companies into the future of compliance.

Our vision

A reliable, cost-effective, rapid and hassle-free next-generation AI-powered financial crime prevention solution.

Powered by artificial intelligence, RelyComply is an end-to-end AML platform that is scalable, reliable and maximises the detection of fraud and money laundering.

We are constantly researching cutting-edge technology, with a view to incorporate it into our products, while still ensuring that our solutions are affordable.

Meet the team

Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith


Brad has founded and scaled multiple fintech startups over the last decade. His prior ventures include BusinessOptics, an AI solutions company, JaSure a full stack digital on-demand insurance company, and Bank Jago, a digital bank in South East Asia that is one of the fastest companies ever to reach a $10bn valuation.

An actuary who simultaneously studied computer science, Brad has a Masters degree specialising in the application of machine learning to risk management.

James Saunders

James Saunders

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

James is an experienced technologist who has founded and scaled multiple technical enterprises.

His prior ventures include the development of fully integrated data analysis platforms, complex large scale risk and insurance modeling and automated design systems in the energy industry. He has further experience in computer vision and security, mobile auditing, robotics and developing financial and environmental planning systems. He previously co-founded BusinessOptics, an AI solutions company.

He has a graduate degree in Pure Mathematics and Computer Science.

Bradley Elliott

Bradley Elliott

Chief Executive Officer

Brad has over a decade of experience founding and scaling businesses in multiple sectors, including fintech, SaaS, martech and digital retail. 

He founded Platinum Seed and grew the company to its current form as an award-winning digital partner to some of the most recognised global brands. He also founded CheqOut, one of South Africa’s first mobile payment solutions and co-founded TOD, an on-demand app that allows users to connect with tradesmen in real-time, which was acquired by one of Africa’s largest insurers, Santam.

Fundamentally, he believes technology is a key enabler in making the world a better place.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

Chief Product Officer

Chris is an experienced product and technology executive with extensive experience in the RegTech and FinTech sectors.

His previous ventures include a fully integrated regulatory reporting platform,  global data integration platform and integrated supply chain analytics platform.

He has further experience consulting with large banks and financial services companies and spent time working for some of the most prominent vendors in the AML/CTF and sanctions sector. 

He believes that financial crime is an enabler of some of the worst atrocities committed in the modern world, and stopping these is crucial.