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Automated compliance management and risk reporting for smarter, safer financial security

Protect your firm from financial crime, meet regulatory requirements, and save on dedicated compliance resources with the latest in anti-money laundering solutions.

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In an industry characterised by complex financial transactions and the handling of sensitive client information, it is imperative that you, as a legal professional, remain vigilant about staying on the right side of the law. Yet, as compliance regulation becomes ever more onerous, the pressure is mounting when it comes to AML and CTF measures.

As a legal practitioner, time is money, and where resources are stretched, implementing a robust risk management and compliance programme is yet another task on the list. Your CDD process needs to be rigorous, while still swift and smart. You need to be on top of customer screening and suspicious transaction reports, where AI is taking financial crime prevention into a new future. There are also submissions to the regulator to bear in mind, where automation of the necessary risk reporting can lighten the time and staffing load substantially. 

Legal professionals are busy enough without compliance adding hurdles along the way. Turn to our highly customisable AI-powered AML / CTF solution for intelligent financial crime detection and reporting to safeguard the reputation and resources of your firm.

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