Streamline your customer onboarding using our intelligent, proven and reliable KYC solutions

Automate identity verification with our facial recognition tools, liveness checks and government verification, while helping you quickly onboard more customers, prevent online fraud and simplify your KYC and AML compliance processes.


What this means for you

Channel and device agnostic

Customers are interacting with your business in ways they have never done before. They’re using multiple channels, different devices and becoming more varied as technology continues to evolve. Whether they are interacting in person, by phone, online or through a mobile app, they expect immediate, convenient and safe access.

Our intelligent digital onboarding technology automates the verification process while delivering high accuracy rates. Convert more customers faster and dramatically reduce abandonment rates with automated, highly accurate and user-friendly digital onboarding solutions.

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Intelligent, fast and user-friendly

Get definitive answers in mere milliseconds while removing the obstacles that stand between good customers and your business. Verify the digital identities of your customers, anytime and anywhere, using the device that’s always with them: their smartphones.

Our identity verification solution leverages the combination of extensive identity intelligence, advanced analytics and intuitive technology to accelerate identity authentication across multiple channels. Automate your identity verification process with our facial recognition tools, liveness detection without the need for video, document authentication, AI-powered text extraction (OCR), and integration into trusted government and non-governmental sources for enhanced identity authentication.