Watchlist Screening

Dynamically identify new risks with real-time watchlist and PEP screening

Stay on top of changes in risk status, with our industry-leading coverage of sanctioned and politically exposed persons.

Intelligent AI-based matching using advanced linguistic techniques

Customised configurable matching against standard and tailored secondary identifiers

Supporting multiple configurations and tuned thresholds for different jurisdictions, products and risk groups

Single solution to manage screening against multiple lists and profiles

Automated and reliable watchlist data

Our global network of watchlists, including sanctions and PEP lists, are continually and automatically updated. They also support screening against multiple external lists. We offer the capability to add your own blacklists or whitelists by jurisdiction and product type.

Real-time and batch screening

Maximise watchlist screening efficiencies and minimise delays tied to false positives. Our watchlist screening solution enables financial institutions to comply with internal, domestic and international regulations by identifying politically exposed and sanctioned individuals, through rapidly screening, detecting and tracking probable individuals.

Intelligent AI-driven matching

Using our advanced AI-powered screening technology, we deliver a single solution to screen against multiple lists and sources. Our solution provides extensive capabilities to match on secondary identifiers, adjust matching thresholds per identifier level, drive the reduction of false positives and improve the efficiency of your watchlist screening process.